Natural Situation Photography for you or friends and family & pets.
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Ann MacGillivray by Paul JonesLots of photography studios on the high street offer photos and prints of you and your family, where you pose in their studios. I am offering a personal service.  I come to you.  You and/or your children or pets can be photographed in relaxed, happy familiar surroundings. Our intention is to capture those precious, natural moments. Without any contrived poses.

For your Business, at your home, or maybe your favourite park, at a family gathering or sporting event, at a birthday party, in the garden or with your child, baby or pet.

If you require a longer photo shoot or have different requirements please telephone or email for details.

Your Prints will be produced on photographic paper. They will be of Archival quality.  That is, they should last at least 70 years. Long enough for your children's grandchildren to see what their grandparents looked like!

My photographs are digitally printed via a photo chemical process onto photographic paper. Not an inkjet printer, some printing inks fade after a few years.

Please view my Gallery some of my art prints are available to buy.


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